Hottest Spring And Summer Fashion Trends This Season

November 11th, 2016 by admin

What could be hotter than this summer season? Well, there is so much more than the heat because people will shedding the coats, the furs, and the layers in place of trendy fashion wear that will show off those long legs, fab arms, and possibly those tight abs that you’ve been working on for months.

Beach bodies, summer ramp, runways, and vibrant urban hubs are the venues of the best spring and fashion wears this season. Search for new wardrobes, and perhaps old pieces can be updated, complemented, and highlighted with new accessories to keep your look stylish, fresh, and summer-ready. Here are the top fashion trends and tips this season.

A Pop of Neon

A hint of neon in every wardrobe is the easiest way to glam up your summer wardrobe. It can be in the form of a new pair of neon pink pumps, bangles, or a touch of neon on your prints. Eve/tn some camouflage tops are designed with neon highlights. Be careful not to overdo it like they do in the 90s with full neon coverage or combining 2 or more neon colors in one, which would look more like a costume for a Nickelodeon show or Mickey Mouse Club.

Best Swimwear Choices

It’s always good to get swimsuits and bikinis that match your body type and would compliment it and your style in the best way possible. Not all people have the ideal body of a Baywatch lifeguard or a Victoria’s Secret model but choosing the right swimwear for your body would flatter your figure.

In, style choices and designs are a combination of new and old trending this season. The popularity of digital prints has also invaded the summer shores and spring season runways with digital print swimwear. From floral and fierce animal prints to cityscapes and abstract designs, digital print is all the rage in swimwear this season. On top of that, mismatch bikini tops and bottoms have become current trend.

If prints are not your thing, Grecian goddess styles and cuts are elegant and sophisticated designs for swimwear. Different cuts and styles would also appeal to different body types to accentuate or create the right curves and flatter a women’s figure. From fancy ball gowns to casual swimwear, this style always brings out a glorious effect to a woman’s style.

High-waist bottoms and haltered tops are vintage swimwear formulas that are reminiscent of a playful bombshell like Marilyn Monroe and the elegant style of Grace Kelly. Vintage-inspired swimwear combined with the popular digital print designs and mismatched prints can come together to become the trendiest swimwear of this year. Plus, you can easily tuck that baby fats in a high-wasted bottom. Check fashion swimsuit online for quick tips and references for your next swimwear purchase.

Summer in the Corporate Scene

The business class won’t be left behind this summer season with the popularity of short suits in vibrant spring colors. You can also enjoy an airy walk at the central business district with a sheer blouse in digital print and flare skirts for a feminine look. This adds character that not all traditional corporate wears can offer. If you just can’t let go of the classic black and white just yet, you can sport a two-tone black and white pants to replace your traditional pants suits. The monochromatic look is still edgy, fresh, and fit for the summer and spring season.

Enjoy this spring and summer with an updated wardrobe and a fab look both on the street, at work, or at the beachfronts. That new look might just land you a hot summer fling to remember.


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